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Hi, guys! I know there aren't many if you, but I just wanted to take a sec to thank you for watching my page. As you can tell, I don't upload very often. I'm more of a writer than I am an artist, but when inspiration hits me, I do my best to create something presentable. The times it works out how I want is rare.

But that is again for the support and the favorites; it's very much appreciated!!
Keeping You Safe
"Give me a break! I'm trying to keep you safe!"
"From what?"
"From me!!!"

Can't you see? He's just doing it to protect you. The walls around him he built so high is t to keep you out, its to keep him in. Something's don't need to see the light of day and what's inside him now is trying to claw its way out.

He loves you, you know... not that he'll ever say that to your face. If he does, you'll leave him, too. Dad, dead. Mother, killed. Grandparents, taken. He's all alone. He wants you near him, but if anyone catches the two of you together, you'll just be one more thing to use against him. If anything were to happen to you, the hero really would be no more.

He loves you. That's why he can't be with you. Can't you see that? That even as his irises flash red for an instant, he's trying to protect you from the power inside him that would tear you apart...?


So I was just kind of working with different aspects of Matt's personality. He's usually a very cheerful, friendly, caring individual, but as they say: Out Of Character behavior is serious business. He's usually dressed like a punk and will sometimes dress as a nerd when the need arises, but 100% of the time, he's the Nice Guy. When he loses his temper, though... there's usually something behind it.

Just wanted to test a new design and facial expression for him =)
A New Challenger Appeared! ~ Paragon
Now... the name is not final, and neither are the colors. I was initially thinking of something where white would be the primary color and blue would be the secondary, but like I said: not final. If you guys have any suggestions for names other than "Paragon," I'm open to them. 

About her:

Real Name: MFC-003

Given/Chosen Name: Michelle Francis Carolina Morse

Nickname(s): Mickey; Frankie; Amazon; Blue; Brown; Poofy

Age: Several Months (Appears to be Late Teens)

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Weiss Labs, Steel Creek City

Current Place of Residence: Rio de Janeiro

Civilian Occupation: Michelle has had multiple jobs due to several mishaps with her abilities. Now she takes multiple freelance jobs and she isn’t particularly picky on what she does, as long as the customers and the people she works for respect her.

Personality: Michelle is a kind and playful person, much like her genetic host. She is the female embodiment of Matt Morse, but she isn’t as laidback as he is. Due to being artificially engineered into existence, she carries a great degree of confusion and angst about her birth, especially since she knows she’s an artificial human. Like her host, she holds her values and convictions close to her heart and doesn’t stray far from them.

Likes: beach volleyball; music; art; animals; movies; dancing; flying; using her powers for a positive outcome

Dislikes: rude people; being ogled; being kept down (attached to anything, especially if she needs to pack up and go in a hurry)

Strongest positive personality trait: Michelle is bubbly and loves to be included in things.

Strongest negative personality trait: She’s a bit of a loose cannon. She is easily frustrated, which leads to fits of rage (which isn’t good for someone with her level of strength).

Sense of humor: Fair

Temper: Michelle struggles to control her temper and often times fails to restrain it. However, as she spends more time active in the world, she has developed her genetic template’s mellow personality.

Consideration for others: Despite her buttons being easier to push than her genetic host, Michelle has great consideration for others. She strives to do the right thing, whether it comes to the common folk or to an enemy of hers. She wants to help out where she can.

How other people see her: Most men view Michelle as extremely attractive (some would call her eye candy) while others see her as a cute but naïve young girl. Paragon is seen as an inspiration to women and a great protector.

Opinion of herself: Paragon doesn’t think she’s useless, but she also doesn’t have a firm grip on what she is. She was created to take the fight to Megaman and be a destructive tool of the Vision, but has chosen to follow a different path and therefore feels like something is missing. She thinks she is awkward compared to most others in society.

Ambitions: Michelle’s primary ambition is to live a normal life; one devoid of the Vision’s influence.

Familial Info: Michelle is one of several clones of Megaman and therefore has no real family to speak of. She bares an extremely strong resemblance to Matt and his mother.

Powers & Abilities:

Altered Physiology – Her DNA has been altered in such a way that she is no longer male. Otherwise, her physiology is basically the same as Megaman’s.

        Photosynthesis – By absorbing the sun’s rays, she can convert light into energy in such a way that she does not need to eat human food often.

        Invulnerability/Enhanced Durability – Her skin is completely impervious to harm due to her genetic modification and the amount of sunlight she has absorbed. Conventional means of injuring her (guns, knives, etc.) have no effect on her. However, the inability to be harmed has not affected her sense of touch.

Flight (Gravity Manipulation) – Paragon can manipulate the gravity around her into a field that allows her to fly.

Super Strength – Paragon possesses immense strength that is on-par with Megaman and Nega.

Super Speed – Paragon can run and fly at speeds that are slightly less than those of Megaman.

Super Vision — Paragon has several vision-related powers.

Cerulean Vision – A blue laser beam she can fire at varying intensities from her eyes.

See-Through Vision – Basically X-ray vision. She can see through anything, lead-lined or not.

Heat Vision – She can expel solar energy beams of varying intensities from her eyes.

Hurricane Breath – Paragon can expel hurricane force winds from his lungs.

Heightened Hearing – Paragon can hear almost anything for miles around. By listening for something specific, such as the sound of someone’s voice, she can locate them.



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